A walk to pick up some salad and a delicious (mass-produced) mango tea at lunch led to the welcome sight of some truly huge, vivid dandelions along the sidewalk. With the crispy spring air and their fragrance in the air, it buoyed my spirits just when I needed it.

They also brought this old old commission to mind, a label design for a friend’s attempt at dandelion wine (I never got that bottle, so I’m not sure it was a successful attempt!)


There’s some unfortunate smudging – but I maintain a soft spot for this, perhaps due to the subject matter.

Time Flies!

GFG (good friend Grace) remarked during comic-con that she wanted an octopus painting  I had really been wanting to climb back in the acrylics saddle after a very extended break. Felt a little rusty but the result was not too distant from the conception and now I’m stoked to keep the paint train running. Good thing I’ve been hoarding all those canvases I ran hog-wild on at the Blicks sale when I was in San Francisco!Grace's octopus

musings on my first public art display/sale – print side of the coin

A longer write-up is on the way, as I spent quite a bit of time researching table tips and display advice before the Mini-Con and found them all quite useful. My biggest takeaway is that it’s true what they say: regardless of how you do, you are going to get a hefty dollop of experience and learn a lot. I survived it, and I figured out some things that worked and some that didn’t and I still have a long way to go…but I can’t wait to try again.

The craft side of my table, the Jelly Jars, was not very successful but I have a hunch that that has a lot to do with the medium versus the audience as well as some display challenges. They’re going to get their own post. This is just a few notes to myself on my prints. I had stickers, cards, 8×10 prints of the following fish, and 2 poster designs.

sassy salmon

Sassy Salmon: I (and I am not the only one!) thought this would be a slam dunk! The can’t-miss. I had cards and 8×10 prints which were (due to being not the highest quality print) very reasonably priced. I did sell a couple of cards of this design, but just one print to a friend. There is no rhyme or reason in this ol’ world.

magic whale

Narwhals are super blowing up I think. I (like most people) (hence the blowing up-ness) have been enchanted by the idea of them since I was a wee one reading about them in Highlights magazine. The unicorns of the sea? Come on, ya gotta love ’em. Mine has an actual unicorn’s horn instead of a gnarly big tooth. I probably mis-educated every kid under the age of 12 that passed my booth with this design. Anyway, needless to say this is a big ol’ kid magnet, but alas, kids don’t really have a ton of money. Sold a few stickers and a coupla few cards.

flying fish

Now, I never really thought flying fish had wings (haha, lie)…but again, wouldn’t it be a slightly more magical world if they did? Funnily, a bit less of a kid magnet than the narwhal, but popular with all ages.

Feels good when people decide to take your advice! By far the most popular – this was stickers only, and it was definitely the most successful item. I think the combo of cheap and disposable and lighthearted and nihilistic is just a winner, always.

Okay, here’s the super shocker. ZERO posters sold! Hmmm. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is at least in part down to my display.